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valerie phillips

Valerie Phillips graduated from Park Hill High School and has lived in North Kansas City for 35 years.  She is a self­taught stained glass artist.  She and her husband, David Phillips have co­owned and operated Stained Glass Creations, creating custom one of kind pieces since 1982. Valerie manufactured custom glass for the retail business at 316 Armour Road until 1992, when the business was moved to their home in North Kansas City. Marketing, sales, and manufacturing and bookkeeping for Stained Glass Creations became Valerie new job along with creating a new line of repurposed art from old glass plates and found objects.  Valerie contributes to Stained Glass Creations with her skills in marketing, entrepreneurship, love of design, and the ability to market what is not yet manifest­­­to sell the dream.  Through a personal transformation 22 years ago Valerie became passionate about teaching art for healing.  From 2009 to 2011 she was given the opportunity to work hand in hand with the owner of Cradle of Love Healing Center in North Kansas City to develop those workshops.  Through the support from her partner and involvement into art for healing it would lead them to help co­found a non­profit, Northtowne Arts Coalition or better known as NAC. Valerie wanted to give back to her community and provide a vehicle for art for healing to grow.  This is one of the driving forces behind the hard work to develop Northtowne Arts Coalition.

Tourquiose Blue Spiral Plate
Precise Mechanics
Melt Down
Fire and Ice

 Contact Information

Owner  - Stained Glass Creations

Marketing Director NAC www.nac­


Valerie Phillips



Member of: ​North Kansas City Business Council, Northtowne Art Coalition, Northland Art League, Plattsburg Art Coalition

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