roger cissner

Many of us find we are in a constant race to quickly get somewhere else, oftentimes to the detriment of seeing/enjoying where we are.


I enjoy travel and truly love trying to capture the essence of those travels through my photography. I strive to capture natural images that offer a feeling of tranquility and serenity.


I began my photographic journey several years ago when I purchased an old film camera and started working to improve my photographic skills. Recently, I converted to digital photography through necessity and continue to work on improving my skills.


The emphasis of my photography is to present photography as a fine art and to provide a view of the wonderful views that surround us – both large and small.


It turns out that I am a photographer of opportunity, in that while I focus on landscapes, I will capture whatever image intrigues/interests me. Finally, I strive to capture my images intact within the camera, requiring little or no additional work

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Roger Cissner

704 West Clay Ave nue

Plattsburg,  MO  64477


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