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Laurel Defreece

My inspiration comes from the native prairie where I live. This can be seen in my newest body of work containing my handmade paper. I call the collections, "Natural Elements,” and “Fate.” Trained as a graphic designer in

the 1980's, attending Missouri Western with an emphasis on Printmaking,

painting and photography. I continued my education in Papermaking and

Encaustic, educated at Arrowmont School of Arts and Studio Joy. In 2018 I

created a new body of work containing elements from our prairie in my

handmade paper. Heading into a bold new direction using native grasses and

fibers, sticks and other found objects. With these materials I have made natural paper for prints, collages, 3-D pieces, and structures using encaustics with natural bee's wax. My work as a whole explores my fascination with the prairie

biome that surrounds my rural home in Plattsburg, MO. "Natural Element," shows how beautiful as well as fragile nature and our planet are, yet how strong even a piece of paper can be. “Fate,” is a collaboration of works by myself and Robin VanHoozer.

Winds of Change pair
Missouri Blue Bird
Spring Nest
Holstein Cow

 Contact Information

Encaustic ~ Mixed Media ~ Painting ~ Photographer ~ Printmaker 

Laurel Defreece

202 N 2nd Street

 Plattsburg, MO 64477


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