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I have been taking photographs for over 50 years.  While I was in high school, I worked in a film processing lab.  During college, I worked in retail camera departments.  During these early years, I also spent many hours in my own darkroom developing, printing, and enlarging black and white photos.


After college, a career in business, marriage, and raising three girls kept photography a hobby.  Now the children are raised, and retirement has given me the opportunity to pursue a more artistic approach to photography, and the ability to share with others through regional art shows and exhibits.


Although I enjoy many aspects of photography, I prefer taking photographs of landscapes, and scenic’s.   This venue allows me to be outdoors, and to show the beauty of nature and our surroundings through my photographs.


The photographic process has changed through the years.  My cameras have changed from “film” to “digital”, and my “darkroom” has changed from a converted bathroom at my parent’s house to utilizing a computer, monitor, and an inkjet printer.  However, seeing a new image appear, whether from a tray of chemicals, or on the screen, is still a thrilling moment. 


When Robyn, my wife of 46 years, retired in 2010, she began her photographic “career”.  Whether we are showing our images in exhibits, art shows or hanging them in our home, being able to share my passion for photography and travel with her has made the entire process even more enjoyable.                                                                                              

Mrs. Patmore's Pantry
Engine 192
Road Less Traveled
Glade Creek in Fall
Foggy Forest
Path to Echo Hollow

Contact Information

Gary Winn
300 NW 36th St. Terrace
Blue Springs, MO
816-536-8274  Cell 

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