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Erin Rider

I attended and graduated from the University of Central Missouri in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in sculpture. Before graduating, my accomplishments included selling a sculpture to the University staff as a gift for the Dean’s secretary and I became the president of the Student Art Coalition that I reinstated. 

I moved out west to California for a short stint and then ended up in Tucson,  AZ after college.  While in the desert I assisted a public artist/sculptor for many years. I felt drawn towards the southwestern style and metal arts culture.  That chapter of my life was a valuable learning experience!

Our family currently resides in my hometown of Plattsburg, MO.   I prefer working in traditional styles utilizing many kinds of materials such as metal, wood, clay and stone.  I also love printmaking, painting, sculpting, and just plain using my hands to create.

** Little unknown fact, my art name surfaced from a later in life reuniting with my biological father Mr. Wiley.  

Sunflower II
Monarch  I
Self Portrait
3 Furies
Mother I

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Erin Rider

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