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david phillips

Dave Phillips graduated from Oak Park High School in 1976 and has lived in North Kansas City most of his life.  Dave is a self taught Stained Glass Artist.  Together with his wife Valerie Phillips,  He has been co­owner of Stained Glass Creations, LLC in North Kansas City since 1982.  The transmission of creative expression from wood, metal and other materials to that of stained glass took place in 1980’s in the garage of David’s parent’s house.  By examining the works of glass artists throughout history and learning from those who shared their expertise,  He has established a style unique to his personality and character.  He has been able to make a living from his art and is a master glazer in his field.  One of just a few who are able to draw artwork for his art, he has created some very unique and beautiful custom art pieces.  His works can been seen in 47 different states and 7 foreign countries.  Dave has also help to co­found Northtowne Arts Coalition a non­profit with a mission to develop, ehance and promote the arts within the Northland Community.

Tourquiose Blue Spiral Plate
Precise Mechanics
Melt Down
Fire and Ice

 Contact Information

Owner  - Stained Glass Creations

Dave Phillips

2119 Gentry Street

North Kansas City, MO 64116


Member of: ​North Kansas City Business Council, Northtowne Art Coalition, Northland Art League, Plattsburg Art Coalition

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