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Jeff Foster

A native of northwest Missouri growing up primarily In St. Joseph and then moving to Maryville.  Mixing digital painting and photography in a series of concrete and fluid narratives. With a wide family influence of television, radio and music that has shaped my vision as an artist. Equally influenced by the old masters as well as today’s technology. I also do found object sculpture as an extension of the digital worlds that define my work. I am self-taught and began in art with playing drums and writing poetry. Having had some success as a poet with two books published.  Having come to all of these more or less individually I now place these influences together in my creative world. Coming to photography and digital painting late in life (2000) the computer and the camera opened up the pictures I had in my mind that before only words had been the outlet. Starting with disposable and then 110 and 35 MM cameras and then progressing to digital and getting my first computer and software I began to experiment and explore. I also began to study other photographers, painters and sculptures, all genres. I am an avid art book collector. And as it is with my music and poetry, a hard to pin down primary discipline, so it is with my art, a combination of many themes.

At the Reception
Take a Ride
After the Fire 3
Memory Squared
Memory Squared
Memory Squared
Memory Squared
The Red Dress
The Orchard
Paper Dolls
Body Electric
Dead End
Circus Girl

Contact Information

Digital Art ~ Photography ~ Sculpture

Jeff Foster

416 E. Sixth

Maryville Mo. 64468



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