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Carl crutchfield

My name is Carl Crutchfield and I am Panther Creek Pottery.  I work in cone 6 electric fired stoneware.  I am a graduate of Southwest Missouri State University with a BFA in ceramics.  After graduation, I worked in Christian education for 25

years, teaching English grammar and literature.  


Upon retirement in  2005, I reacquainted myself with ceramics through classes at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock.  In 2009, my wife and I moved to Mobile, Alabama where I was able to purchase a wheel, an electric kiln, and set up a work area in our home.  


In 2013, we moved to Wilmington, NC. where I worked with other potters at Fat Cat Pottery, thus providing opportunity to develop my skill, enjoy the interaction of other artist, and participate in area art events in Wilmington, Southport, and New Bern.  


In July of 2017, we moved to Gower, Missouri where I have set up studio space in our home. I hope to interact with area artist and events through local art leagues and guilds.  Pottery for me is a hobby but one I take seriously, an effort and

amusement, a whim and affection. My hope is to bring enjoyment to others through my work. I am inspired by reading, other artist, the creations of God, and the labors of man.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once

we grow up.” - Pablo Picasso

Dragon Bowl
Bird Bowl
Day of Woe
Rule of Thirds
Duck Weather
What's in a Face

Contact Information

Carl Crutchfiled

PO Box 64

 Gower, MO 64454 

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